Synonyms of courtesan in English:


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1‘courtesans were invited into the palace to satisfy the Emperor's lust’


prostitute, whore, sex worker, call girl, white slave

euphemistic model, escort, masseuse

British tom

fille de joie


North American sporting girl, sporting lady, sporting woman, chippy

informal pro, moll, tail, ho, brass nail, grande horizontale, woman on the game, working girl, member of the oldest profession, renter

North American informal hooker, hustler

dated tart, streetwalker, woman of the streets, lady of the night, woman of the night, scarlet woman, cocotte

archaic strumpet, harlot, trollop, wanton, woman of ill repute, lady of pleasure, Cyprian, doxy, drab, quean, trull, wench

rare sing-song girl, succubus