Synonyms of countenance in English:


See definition of countenance


1‘he had a strikingly handsome and sensitive countenance’


face, features, physiognomy, profile

facial expression, expression, look, appearance, aspect, mien

informal mug, clock

British informal mush, dial, phizog, phiz

British rhyming slang boat race

Irish Scottish informal coupon

Northern Irish informal bake

North American informal puss, pan

literary visage, lineaments

archaic front


1‘they would not countenance any breach of fair play’


tolerate, permit, allow, admit of, approve, approve of, agree to, consent to, give one's blessing to, take kindly to, be in favour of, favour, hold with, go along with, put up with, endure, brook, stomach, swallow, bear

Scottish thole

informal stand for, stick, hack, give the go ahead to, give the green light to, give the thumbs up to, give the okay to

North American rare approbate