Synonyms of correspond in English:


See definition of correspond


1‘this ideal model does not correspond to the facts’


correlate with, agree with, be in agreement with, be consistent with, be compatible with, be consonant with, be congruous with, be in tune with, be in harmony with, accord with, concur with, coincide with, tally with, match up with, tie in with, dovetail with

relate to, equate to, conform to

match, fit, suit, parallel

informal square

North American jibe with

archaic quadrate

2‘the German rank of Feldwebel corresponded to the British rank of sergeant’


be equivalent, be analogous, be comparable, equate, be similar, be akin

3‘in this diagram the nodes correspond to male members of a family’


represent, symbolize, stand for, signify, mean, denote, designate, indicate

literary betoken

4‘he met Wordsworth in 1795 and corresponded with him thereafter’


exchange letters, communicate, keep in touch, keep in contact

write to, write letters to

informal drop someone a line, drop someone a note