Synonyms of corner in English:


See definition of corner


1‘the cart lurched round the corner’


bend, curve, arc, kink, dog-leg, crook, deviation, turn, turning, junction, fork, intersection

angle, projection, apex, cusp

British hairpin, hairpin bend

2‘Benjamin hustled me away to a corner’


nook, cranny, niche, recess, bay, booth, alcove

inglenook, ingle, apse

crevice, cavity, hole, hollow, indentation

secret place, hideaway, hideout

informal hidey-hole

3‘this corner of Italy is famed for its superb cooking’


district, region, area, section, quarter, part

informal neck of the woods

4‘society and its rules had trapped him in a corner’


predicament, plight, tricky situation, ticklish situation, awkward situation, tight corner, tight spot, spot of trouble, bit of bother, difficulty, problem, puzzle, quandary, dilemma, muddle, mess, quagmire, mire, mare's nest, dire straits

with nowhere to turn

West Indian comess

informal pickle, jam, stew, fix, hole, scrape, bind, fine kettle of fish, hot water, how-do-you-do


1‘the wolf had cornered his prey and was moving in for the kill’


drive into a corner, run to earth, run to ground, bring to bay, cut off, block off, trap, hem in, shut in, pen in, close in, enclose, surround

capture, catch, waylay, ambush

archaic ambuscade

2‘crime syndicates have cornered the stolen car market’


gain control of, gain dominance of, take over, control, dominate, monopolize, capture

informal hog, sew up

archaic engross


    (just) around the corner

      1‘my sister Gillian lives just around the corner’


      close by, nearby, very near, near here, not far away, a short distance away, in the neighbourhood, close at hand, within walking distance, within reach, on the doorstep

      2‘better times are just around the corner’


      coming, coming soon, coming up, approaching, close, imminent, forthcoming, brewing, in prospect, in the offing, in the wings, in the wind, on the way, on the horizon, nearly on us, close at hand, at hand


      on the cards