Synonyms of cop in English:


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1‘the cop marched her to the station’


police officer, policeman, policewoman, officer of the law, law-enforcement agent, law-enforcement officer, officer

British constable

North American patrolman, trooper, roundsman, peace officer

Indian kotwal


jack, uniform

British copper, bobby, rozzer, busy, bizzy, plod, PC Plod

North American bear

NZ Australian walloper, demon


dated flatfoot, bogey, flattie, woodentop

derogatory pig

archaic peeler, runner, bluebottle, finger

the police, the police force, the forces of law and order

British the constabulary

the law, the fuzz, the boys in blue, the long arm of the law

British the Bill, the Old Bill, the force

North American the heat

derogatory the filth, Babylon