Synonyms of coordinate in English:


See definition of coordinate


1‘the new leadership would coordinate all manufacturing efforts’


harmonize, correlate, interrelate, synchronize, bring together

fit together, mesh, dovetail

organize, arrange, order, systematize

rare concert

2‘care workers coordinate at a local level’


cooperate, collaborate, work together, work side by side, act together, act jointly, pull together, band together, come together, get together, join forces, team up, unite, combine, merge, amalgamate, pool resources, club together, make common cause, form an alliance, liaise

conspire, connive, collude, work hand in glove

informal gang up

rare coact

3‘she chose floral designs to coordinate with her decor’


blend, blend in, fit in, harmonize, go, go well, go together, be compatible, be in tune

match, suit, complement, set off