Synonyms of contribute in English:


See definition of contribute


1‘the government contributed a million pounds to the fund’


give, donate, give a donation of, make a donation of, put up, come up with, subscribe, hand out, grant, bestow, present, gift, accord

provide, supply, furnish

informal chip in, pitch in, fork out, dish out, shell out, cough up

British informal stump up

North American informal kick in, ante up, pony up

2‘the colour scheme contributes a pervading sense of calm and peacefulness to the room’


impart, lend, add, give, confer

3‘evidence suggests that a minimum wage would contribute to economic recovery’


play a part in, be instrumental in, be a factor in, be partly responsible for, have a hand in, be conducive to, make for, lead to, cause, give rise to

help, promote, advance, further, forward, oil the wheels of, open the door for, add to

formal conduce to


stand in the way of