Synonyms of consume in English:


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1‘great plates of cakes were consumed with gusto’


eat, eat up, devour, ingest, swallow, gobble, gobble up, wolf down, gorge oneself on, feast on

munch, snack on

drink, drink up, guzzle, gulp, gulp down, swill, imbibe, take, sup, sip, lap

informal tuck into, scoff, scoff down, put away, stuff down, polish off, dispose of, cram in, stuff one's face with, pig oneself on, graze on, down, neck, sink, kill, get one's laughing gear round

British informal gollop, shift

Northern Irish informal gorb

North American informal scarf, scarf down, scarf up, snarf, snarf down, snarf up

formal manducate

rare ingurgitate

2‘these factories consumed 600,000 tons of coal a day’


use, use up, utilize, expend

deplete, exhaust

waste, squander, go through, drain, dissipate, fritter away, swallow up

3‘the fire consumed fifty houses in four hours’


destroy, demolish, lay waste, wipe out, annihilate, devastate

raze, gut, ravage, ruin, wreck

4‘Carolyn was consumed with guilt’


absorb, preoccupy, engross

eat up, devour, obsess, grip, overwhelm, monopolize, enthral, dominate