Synonyms of consider in English:


See definition of consider


1‘Isabel hesitated, considering her choices’


think about, contemplate, give thought to, reflect on, examine, appraise, review

study, mull over, ponder, deliberate over, cogitate about, chew over, meditate on, meditate over, ruminate over, turn over in one's mind

assess, evaluate, compare, weigh up, judge, consider the pros and cons of, sum up

informal size up

2‘I consider him irresponsible’


regard as, deem, hold to be, think, think of as, reckon, believe, judge, adjudge, rate, class as, account, count, gauge, look on as, view as, see as, take for, interpret as, suppose, find


3‘embarrassed, he considered the ceiling’


look at, contemplate, observe, regard, survey, view, scrutinize, scan, examine, inspect

informal check out, have a gander at, have a squint at, get a load of

British informal have a butcher's at, take a dekko at, take a shufti at, clock

North American informal eyeball

4‘I hope the inquiry will consider all those issues’


take into consideration, take into account, take account of, make allowances for, respect, bear in mind, be mindful of, have regard to, reckon with, remember, mind, mark, heed, note, not forget, make provision for, take to heart, pay regard to, be guided by