Synonyms of concern in English:


See definition of concern


1‘the report concerns events which took place immediately after the end of the war’


be about, deal with, cover, treat, have to do with

discuss, tell of, go into, examine, scrutinize, study, review, analyse

relate to, be connected with, pertain to, appertain to

archaic regard

2‘that doesn't concern you, so it's best you don't know’


affect, be the business of, involve, be relevant to, apply to, pertain to, have a bearing on, bear on, impact on

be of importance to, be important to, interest, be of interest to

3‘I'm too busy to concern myself with your affairs’


involve oneself in, interest oneself in, take an interest in, be interested in, be involved in, take a hand in, busy oneself with, occupy oneself with, devote one's time to, bother oneself with, notice, take notice of

4‘the only thing that concerns me is that Tom might be upset’


worry, disturb, trouble, bother, perturb, unsettle, make anxious, distress, upset, agitate, cause disquiet to, disquiet


1‘Katie's voice was full of concern’


anxiety, worry, disquiet, disquietude, apprehension, apprehensiveness, unease, uneasiness, perturbation, consternation, distress, agitation

North American archaic worriment


serenity, peace of mind

2‘part of his attraction is his true concern for others’


solicitude, consideration, solicitousness, care, sympathy, thought, regard, caringness

archaic concernment



3‘housing is the concern of the Housing Executive’


responsibility, business, affair, charge, duty, job, task, occupation

area of activity, area of interest, province, preserve, department, sphere

problem, worry, lookout

informal pigeon, baby, bag, funeral, headache, bailiwick

4‘the question of how the mass media treats issues that are of concern to women’


interest, importance

be relevant to, have relevance for, have a bearing on, be applicable to

5‘public awareness of Aboriginal concerns’


affair, issue, matter, question, consideration

6‘a publishing concern’


company, business, firm, enterprise, venture, organization, operation, undertaking, industry, corporation, establishment, house, shop, office, bureau, agency, franchise, practice, partnership, consortium, cooperative, conglomerate, group, combine, syndicate

informal outfit, set-up