Synonyms of compare in English:


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1‘we compared the data from our present and previous studies’


contrast, set side by side, juxtapose, collate, differentiate, weigh up, balance, balance the differences between, measure the differences between, weigh the differences between

2‘James Dean was constantly being compared to Brando’


liken, equate, analogize

draw an analogy between, make an analogy between, mention in the same breath as, class with, bracket with, group with, put together with, set side by side with, regard as the same as, regard as identical to


contrast with

3‘Chelsea porcelain was said to compare with Dresden's fine china’


be as good as, be nearly as good as, be comparable to, bear comparison with, be the equal of, match up to, be on a par with, be in the same class as, be in the same league as, be on a level with, compete with, come up to, come near to, come close to, hold a candle to, be not unlike, be not dissimilar to, equal roughly

match, resemble, emulate, rival, approach, approximate, touch, nudge

informal be not a million miles from


    beyond compare

      ‘he was a hero beyond compare’


      without equal, without match, without parallel, beyond comparison, second to none, in a class of one's own

      peerless, matchless, unmatched, incomparable, inimitable, superlative, supreme, top, outstanding, consummate, unique, singular, rare, perfect

      par excellence