Synonyms of companion in English:


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1‘Harry and his companion settled down at a table’


associate, partner, escort, consort, colleague, workmate, co-worker, compatriot, confederate, ally

friend, intimate, confidant, confidante, comrade


informal buddy, pal, chum, crony, cully, spar, sidekick

British informal mate, oppo, china, mucker

Northern English informal marrow, marrer, marra

North American informal amigo, compadre, paisan

North American South African informal homeboy, homegirl

South African informal gabba

NZ Australian informal offsider

archaic compeer

rare consociate

2‘a lady's companion’


attendant, aide, helper, assistant, personal assistant, valet, equerry, squire, lady in waiting

chaperone, duenna, protector, protectress

carer, minder

informal sidekick

3‘the CD is intended as a companion to their recent hit’


complement, counterpart, fellow, mate, twin, other half, match

accompaniment, supplement, addition, adjunct, appendage, accessory, auxiliary

4‘The Cottage Gardener's Companion’


handbook, manual, guide, reference book, instruction book, ABC, primer

vade mecum

informal bible

rare enchiridion