Synonyms of communicate in English:


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1‘he communicated the bad news to his boss’


convey, tell, impart, relay, transmit, pass on, hand on, transfer, make known, announce, report, recount, relate, set forth, present, divulge, disclose, mention

spread, disseminate, circulate, promulgate, proclaim, broadcast, make public

informal let on about


withhold from, keep secret

2‘parents and teachers should communicate on a daily basis’


liaise, be in touch, be in contact, be in communication, make contact, have dealings, interface, commune, meet, meet up

talk, speak, converse, chat, have a conversation, have a chat, have a discussion

North American visit

informal have a confab, chew the fat, chew the rag, powwow

British informal have a chinwag

North American informal shoot the breeze, shoot the bull

3‘we have to learn how to communicate in an electronic environment’


get one's ideas across, get one's message across, make oneself understood, explain oneself, get through to someone, have one's say

be articulate, be fluent, be eloquent

4‘the disease is communicated from one person to another’


transmit, transfer, spread, carry, pass on, hand on, convey

5‘each bedroom communicated with a spacious bathroom’


connect with, be connected to, join up with, link up with, open on to, lead into, give access to