Synonyms of come round in English:

come round

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1‘he has just come round from anaesthetic’


regain consciousness, recover consciousness, come to, come to life, come to one's senses, recover, revive, awake, wake up


faint, go under

2‘he argued at first but came round eventually’


be converted, be converted to, be won over, be won over by, agree, agree with, change one's mind, be persuaded, be persuaded by, give way, give way to, yield, yield to, relent, concede, grant

3‘the same combination of number and name only comes round every 260 days’


occur, take place, happen, come up, crop up, arise

recur, happen again, reoccur, occur again, be repeated, repeat, repeat itself

come back, come back again, return

reappear, appear again

4‘do come round for a drink’


visit, call, call in, call round, pay a call, pay a visit, look in, stop by, drop by, drop in, drop over, drop round, come over

informal pop in, pop over, pop round