Synonyms of click in English:


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1‘the door shut with a click’


clink, clack, chink, snick, snap, pop, tick


1‘the cameras clicked as the oarsmen prepared for the challenge’


clink, clack, chink, snick, tick

snap, pop

2‘that night it just clicked that this was what I wanted to do’


become clear, fall into place, come home to one, make sense, dawn, register, get through, sink in

3‘we just clicked, and very quickly I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love’


take to each other, get along, get on, warm to each other, be compatible, be in harmony, be like-minded, feel a rapport, see eye to eye

hit it off, get on like a house on fire, be on the same wavelength

4‘I don't think this issue has clicked with the voters’


go down well, prove popular, be a hit, make a hit, get an enthusiastic reception, be successful, be a success, succeed