Synonyms of cinch in English:


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1‘I've done it before—it's a cinch’


easy, uncomplicated, not difficult, undemanding, unexacting, unchallenging, effortless, painless, trouble-free, facile, simple, straightforward, elementary, idiot-proof, plain sailing, a walkover, a gift, nothing

easy-peasy, easy as pie, as easy as falling off a log, as easy as ABC, a piece of cake, a cakewalk, child's play, kids' stuff, no sweat, a picnic, a doddle, a doss, a breeze, a pushover, a sitter, a five-finger exercise, a walk in the park, money for old rope, money for jam

North American duck soup, a snap

US easy-breezy

NZ Australian a bludge, a snack

South African a piece of old tackle

British vulgar slang a piece of piss

dated a snip



2‘he was a cinch to take a prize’


certainty, sure thing

cert, dead cert