Synonyms of chuck in English:


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1‘he chucked the letter into the bin’


throw, toss, fling, hurl, pitch, cast, lob, launch, flip, catapult, shy, dash, project, propel, send, bowl

let fly with

heave, sling, bung, buzz, whang

North American peg

Australian hoy

NZ bish

2‘I kept the personal bits and pieces and chucked the rest’


throw away, discard, throw out, dispose of, get rid of, toss out, dump, bin, scrap, jettison

ditch, junk, get shut of

British get shot of

North American trash


keep, retain, hold on to

3‘I've decided to chuck my job’


give up, leave, resign from, abandon, relinquish

quit, pack in, jack in

4‘Mary chucked him for another guy’


leave, throw over, drop, finish with, stop going out with, break off one's relationship with, desert, abandon, leave high and dry

dump, ditch, give someone the elbow, walk out on, run out on, leave flat

British give someone the push, give someone the big E, bin off

dated jilt

archaic forsake