Synonyms of child in English:


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1‘I've known Kate since she was a child’


youngster, young one, little one, boy, girl

baby, newborn, infant, toddler

schoolboy, schoolgirl, adolescent, teenager, youth, young man, young woman, young lady, young person, young adult, juvenile, minor, junior

stripling, fledgling, whippersnapper

son, daughter, son and heir, scion, descendant

offspring, progeny, issue

technical neonate

Northern English Scottish bairn, wean, laddie, lassie

West Indian pickney

informal kid, kiddie, kiddiewink, nipper, tot, tiny, tiny tot, shaver, young 'un, lad, lass, teen, teenybopper

British informal sprog

North American informal rug rat

NZ Australian informal ankle-biter

derogatory brat, chit, urchin, guttersnipe

literary babe, babe in arms

archaic hobbledehoy