Synonyms of character in English:


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1‘Jenny had a forceful character’


personality, nature, disposition, temperament, temper, mentality, turn of mind, psychology, psyche, constitution, make-up, make, stamp, mould, cast


attributes, features, qualities, properties, traits

essential quality, essence, sum and substance, individuality, identity, distinctiveness, uniqueness, spirit, ethos, complexion, key, tone, tenor, ambience, air, aura, feel, feeling, vibrations

informal kidney

archaic humour, grain

2‘how could any woman of character live with that man?’


integrity, honour, moral strength, moral fibre, rectitude, uprightness

fortitude, strength, spine, backbone, toughness, resolve, will power, firmness of purpose

informal grit, guts, gutsiness, gumption

British informal bottle

3‘no stain will be on his character’


reputation, name, good name, standing, stature, position, status, image, credibility, acceptability, prestige, cachet, kudos, eminence

Indian izzat

archaic report

4‘John was a bit of a character’


eccentric, oddity, odd fellow, madcap, crank, original, individualist, nonconformist, rare bird

square peg in a round hole

oddball, queer fish, odd fish, one

British odd bod, oner

dated card, caution, case

rare rara avis

5‘her luncheon companion was a boorish character’


individual, person, personage, figure, party, being, human being, fellow, man, woman, mortal, soul, creature

fella, sort, type, thing, customer, punter, cookie, bunny, critter

British bloke, chap, bod, geezer, gent

North American guy, gal, dame, dude, hombre

dated body, dog

British vulgar slang sod, bugger

archaic wight

6‘the characters develop greatly throughout the novel’


persona, person, role, part

dramatis personae

7‘the file name must not exceed thirty characters’


letter, figure, symbol, sign, mark, type, cipher, device, hieroglyph, rune

technical grapheme