Synonyms of chaff in English

: chaff1chaff2


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1‘a machine that separated the chaff from the grain’


husks, hulls, bran, pods, seed cases, shells, capsules, sheaths

North American shucks

2‘the proposals were characterized as so much chaff’


rubbish, refuse, waste, garbage, litter, discarded matter, debris, detritus, scrap, dross

flotsam and jetsam, lumber

sweepings, leavings, leftovers, remains, scraps, dregs, offscourings, odds and ends


North American trash

NZ Australian mullock

informal dreck, junk

British informal grot, gash


rare draff, raff, raffle, cultch, orts

Synonyms of chaff in English

: chaff1chaff2


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1‘we used to come in for a fair amount of good-natured chaff’


banter, repartee, raillery, ripostes, sallies, quips, wisecracks, crosstalk, wordplay, teasing, ragging

badinage, witty conversation, witty remarks, witticism, witticisms, joking, jesting, jocularity, drollery

bons mots

informal kidding, kidology, ribbing, joshing, wisecracking

rare persiflage


1‘the pleasures of drinking and betting and chaffing your mates’


tease, make fun of, poke fun at, rag, mock, laugh at, guy

deride, ridicule, scoff at, jeer at, jibe at

taunt, bait, goad, pick on

informal take the mickey out of, send up, rib, josh, kid, wind up, have on, pull someone's leg, make a monkey out of

North American informal goof on, rag on, put on, pull someone's chain, razz, fun, shuck

NZ Australian informal poke mullock at, poke borak at, sling off at, chiack

British vulgar slang take the piss out of

archaic make sport of, twit, quiz, smoke, flout at, rally