Synonyms of brighten in English:


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1‘the morning sunshine brightened the room’


become bright, make bright, become brighter, make brighter, light up, lighten, cast light on, shed light on, throw light on, illuminate, illumine, irradiate

2‘with the right choice of shrubs and plants, you can brighten up the shadiest of corners’


enhance, embellish, make more attractive, enrich, freshen

dress up, ginger up, add some colour to, prettify, beautify, grace

informal jazz up, zhoosh, zhoosh up

3‘Sarah brightened up considerably as she thought of Emily's words’


cheer up, buoy up, perk up, wake up, rally

gladden, enliven, animate, invigorate, hearten, rejuvenate, uplift, encourage, stimulate, arouse, raise someone's spirits, give someone a lift

informal buck up, pep up