Synonyms of bowl in English

: bowl1bowl2


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1‘he got a wicket for every thirty balls he bowled’


pitch, throw, propel, hurl, toss, lob, loft, fling, launch, let fly, shy, cast, project, send, deliver

spin, roll

informal chuck, sling, bung, heave, buzz, whang

North American informal peg

Australian informal hoy

NZ informal bish

2‘the car bowled along the country roads’


hurtle, speed, career, shoot, streak, sweep, hare, fly, wing

drive, motor, move, travel, go, proceed

informal belt, pelt, tear, scoot, tool

British informal bomb, bucket, shift, go like the clappers

North American informal clip, boogie, hightail, barrel

archaic post, hie

Synonyms of bowl in English

: bowl1bowl2


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1‘she cracked two eggs into a bowl’


dish, basin, pan, pot, crock, crucible, mortar

container, vessel, receptacle, repository

pudding bowl, soup bowl, fruit bowl, punchbowl, mixing bowl, sugar bowl, finger bowl, rose bowl


historical jorum, mazer, porringer, reservatory

2‘the town lay half a mile away in a shallow bowl’


hollow, valley, dip, depression, indentation, well, trough, crater, cavity, concavity, sinkhole, hole, pit, excavation

dust bowl

British punchbowl

3‘they are playing a concert at the Hollywood Bowl next month’


stadium, arena, amphitheatre, coliseum, colosseum

enclosure, ground

circus, hippodrome

informal park

rare cirque


    bowl someone over

      1‘the explosion bowled us over’


      knock down, knock over, bring down, fell, floor, prostrate

      catch off balance

      2‘I have been bowled over by everyone's generosity’


      overwhelm, astound, amaze, astonish, surprise, impress, overawe, dumbfound, stagger, stun, daze, bewilder, nonplus, shock, startle, shake, take aback, leave open-mouthed, leave aghast

      take someone's breath away, strike dumb, catch off balance

      knock for six, knock sideways, throw, floor, flabbergast, faze, blow someone's mind, blow away