Synonyms of bother in English:


See definition of bother


1‘she had her own life and no one bothered her’


disturb, trouble, worry, inconvenience, put out, impose on, pester, badger, harass, molest, plague, beset, torment, nag, hound, dog, chivvy, harry, annoy, upset, irritate, vex, provoke, nettle, try someone's patience, make one's hackles rise

informal hassle, bug, give someone a hard time, get in someone's hair, get on someone's case, get up someone's nose, rub up the wrong way, drive up the wall

Northern English informal mither

North American informal ride, devil

NZ Australian informal heavy

NZ informal rark

rare discommode

2‘the incident was too small to bother about’


concern oneself, trouble oneself, mind, care, worry oneself, burden oneself, occupy oneself, busy oneself

take the time, make the effort, go to trouble, inconvenience oneself

informal give a damn, give a hoot, give a rap, give a hang

3‘there was something in her voice that bothered him’


worry, trouble, concern, perturb, disturb, disquiet, disconcert, unnerve, fret, upset, distress, alarm, make anxious, cause someone anxiety, work up, agitate, gnaw at, weigh down, lie heavy on

informal rattle, faze, discombobulate




1‘I don't want to put you to any bother’


trouble, effort, exertion, strain, inconvenience, fuss, bustle, hustle and bustle, disruption


informal hassle

2‘the food was such a bother to cook’


nuisance, pest, palaver, rigmarole, job, trial, tribulation, bind, bore, drag, inconvenience, difficulty, trouble, problem, irritation, annoyance, vexation

informal hassle, performance, pantomime, song and dance, headache, pain, pain in the neck, pain in the backside

Scottish informal nyaff, skelf

NZ Australian informal nark

vulgar slang pain in the arse, pain in the ass

3‘he went to sort out a spot of bother in the public bar’


disorder, fighting, trouble, ado, disturbance, agitation, commotion, uproar, furore, brouhaha, hubbub, hurly burly

informal hoo-ha, ballyhoo, hoopla, rumpus, aggro, argy-bargy

British informal kerfuffle

NZ informal bobsy-die