Synonyms of blue in English:


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1‘she had bright blue eyes’


sky-blue, azure, cobalt, cobalt blue, sapphire, cerulean, navy, navy blue, saxe, saxe blue, Oxford blue, Cambridge blue, ultramarine, lapis lazuli, indigo, aquamarine, turquoise, teal, teal blue, cyan, of the colour of the sky, of the colour of the sea

2‘Dad had died that year and Mum was feeling a bit blue’


depressed, down, sad, saddened, unhappy, melancholy, miserable, sorrowful, gloomy, dejected, downhearted, disheartened, despondent, dispirited, low, in low spirits, low-spirited, heavy-hearted, glum, morose, dismal, downcast, cast down, tearful

down in the dumps, down in the mouth, fed up


happy, cheerful

3‘a blue movie’


indecent, dirty, rude, coarse, vulgar, bawdy, lewd, racy, risqué, salacious, naughty, wicked, improper, unseemly, smutty, spicy, raw, off colour, ribald, Rabelaisian

pornographic, filthy, obscene, offensive, prurient, sordid, low, profane, foul, vile

erotic, arousing, sexy, suggestive, titillating, explicit

informal near the bone, near the knuckle, nudge-nudge, porn, porno, X-rated, raunchy, skin

British informal fruity, saucy

euphemistic adult


clean, family