Synonyms of belt in English:


See definition of belt


1‘she wore a plain raincoat tied with a belt’


girdle, sash, strap, cummerbund, waistband, band, girth


archaic zone

rare baldric, cincture, ceinture, cestus, cingulum

2‘a great wheel driven by a leather belt powered the drill’


band, loop, hoop, thong

drive belt, fan belt, conveyor belt

3‘he made a tour of the cotton belt’


region, area, district, zone, sector, province, quarter, pocket, enclave, territory, neighbourhood, locality

tract, stretch, extent

informal neck of the woods, parts

British informal patch

4‘I saw a belt of silver on the horizon’


band, strip, stripe, swathe, bar, line, streak, flash, vein, thread

technical stria, striation

5‘he gave David a belt across the face’


blow, punch, smack, crack, slap, bang, thump, knock, rap, thwack, box

clout, clip, clobber, bash, biff, whack, wallop, sock, swipe, lam, whomp

British slosh

North American boff, bust, slug, whale

NZ Australian dong

dated buffet


1‘her trousers are belted at precisely the wrong curve of her hip’


fasten, tie, bind

encircle, gird, encompass, circle

2‘a guy belted him in the face’


hit, strike, smack, slap, bang, beat, punch, thump, welt

clout, bash, biff, whack, thwack, wallop, sock, slog, clobber, bop, lam, larrup

North American boff, bust, slug, whale

archaic smite

3‘they watched cars belting around oval tracks’


speed, hurry, race, run, sprint, dash, bolt, dart, rush, hasten, hurtle, career, streak, shoot, whizz, zoom, go like lightning, go hell for leather, spank along, bowl along, rattle along, whirl, whoosh, buzz, swoop, flash, blast, charge, stampede, gallop, sweep, hare, fly, wing, scurry, scud, scutter, scramble

pelt, tear, hotfoot it, leg it, zap, zip, whip, scoot, scorch, burn rubber, go like a bat out of hell

British bomb, bucket, shift, put one's foot down, go like the clappers

Scottish wheech

North American clip, boogie, hightail, barrel, lay rubber, get the lead out

North American vulgar slang drag ass, haul ass, tear ass

literary fleet

archaic post, hie

rare drive


amble, stroll


    below the belt

      ‘she thinks what they have done is a bit below the belt’


      unfair, unjust, uncalled for, unjustified, unjustifiable, unacceptable, unreasonable, unsatisfactory, unwarranted, unnecessary, inequitable, off, out of turn

      unethical, unprincipled, immoral, unscrupulous, treacherous, two-faced, unsporting, sneaky, dishonourable, dishonest, underhand, underhanded


      a bit much, not on, low-down, dirty

      British informal

      out of order, a bit thick, not cricket

      NZ Australian informal

      over the fence

    belt something out

      ‘she belted out songs from the Fifties’


      sing loudly, carol, trill, yodel

      perform, render



    belt up

      ‘belt up and listen out for your names’


      be quiet, quieten down, be silent, fall silent, hush, stop talking, hold your tongue, keep your lips sealed

      shut up, shut your face, shut your mouth, shut your trap, button your lip, pipe down, cut the cackle, put a sock in it, give it a rest


      shut your gob, wrap it up, wrap up

      North American

      save it, can it


      speak up