Synonyms of average in English:


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1‘the price was low compared with the average of the past 25 years’


mean, median, mode, midpoint, centre

norm, standard, rule, par

the general run


1‘the average temperature in May was 4°C below normal’


mean, median, medial, middle

2‘a woman of average height’


ordinary, standard, usual, normal, typical, regular, unexceptional

3‘a very average director making very average movies’


mediocre, second-rate, uninspired, undistinguished, ordinary, commonplace, middle-of-the-road, mainstream, unexceptional, unexciting, unremarkable, unmemorable, indifferent, humdrum, nothing special, everyday, bland, run-of-the-mill, not very good, pedestrian, prosaic, lacklustre, forgettable, amateur, amateurish

acceptable, passable, all right, adequate, fair, middling, moderate, tolerable

North American garden-variety

informal OK, so-so, bog-standard, fair-to-middling, vanilla, plain vanilla, nothing to write home about, nothing to get excited about, a dime a dozen, no great shakes, not so hot, not up to much

British informal common or garden, not much cop, ten a penny

North American informal bush-league

NZ Australian North American informal jake

NZ informal half-pie


outstanding, exceptional


    on average

      ‘on average, I suppose we watch a couple of hours of television a night’


      normally, usually, ordinarily, generally, generally speaking, in general, for the most part, in most cases, as a rule, typically

      overall, by and large, on the whole, on balance