Synonyms of athletic in English:


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1‘his shirt did not hide his athletic physique’


muscular, muscly, sturdy, strapping, well built, powerfully built, strong, powerful, robust, able-bodied, vigorous, hardy, lusty, hearty, hale and hearty, brawny, burly, broad-shouldered, thickset, Herculean

fit, fighting fit, as fit as a fiddle, as fit as a flea, in good shape, in good trim, in trim, in tip-top condition, aerobicized, healthy, in good health, bursting with health, in fine fettle, as strong as an ox, as strong as a horse, as strong as a lion

British in rude health

informal sporty, husky, hunky, beefy, ripped, shredded

North American informal buff

US informal jacked

dated stalwart

literary thewy, stark

technical mesomorphic


weak, frail

2‘they were banned from the athletic events’


sporting, sports, games, gymnastic