Synonyms of associate in English:


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1‘elegance was not a concept I associated with nuns’


link, connect, couple, relate, identify, equate, bracket, think of together

think of in connection with, draw a parallel with, mention in the same breath as, set side by side with

2‘Simon had been known to associate with anarchist groups’


mix, keep company, mingle, socialize, get together, go around, rub shoulders, fraternize, consort, have dealings

North American rub elbows

informal hobnob, run around, hang out, hang around, hang round, knock about, knock around, pal up, pal around, chum around, be thick with

British informal hang about

3‘the firm is associated with a local non-profit-making organization’


affiliate, align, connect, join, join up, join forces, attach, combine, team up, band together, be in league, ally, form an alliance, syndicate, federate, consolidate, incorporate, conjoin, merge, integrate


1‘the bank was run by his business associate’


partner, colleague, co-worker, fellow worker, workmate, compatriot, comrade, friend, ally, supporter, wingman, confederate, connection, contact, acquaintance

accomplice, accessory, abetter, partner in crime, collaborator, colluder, fellow conspirator, henchman


informal crony, pal, chum, buddy

British informal mate, oppo

NZ Australian informal offsider

archaic compeer

rare conniver, consociate