Synonyms of assist in English:


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1‘I spend much of my time assisting the chef’


help, aid, abet, lend a hand to, lend a helping hand to, give assistance to, be of use to, oblige, accommodate, serve, be of service to, do someone a service, do someone a favour, do someone a good turn, bail someone out, come to someone's rescue

cooperate with, collaborate with, work with

succour, encourage, support, back, back up, second, be a tower of strength to

informal pitch in with, get someone out of a tight spot, save someone's bacon, save someone's skin, give someone a leg up

British informal muck in with, get stuck in with



2‘the exchange rates assisted the massive expansion of trade’


facilitate, aid, ease, make easier, expedite, spur, promote, boost, give a boost to, benefit, foster, encourage, stimulate, precipitate, accelerate, advance, further, forward, help along, contribute to, be a factor in, smooth the way for, clear a path for, open the door for, oil the wheels of

informal jack up, hike, hike up