Synonyms of arraign in English:


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1‘he was arraigned for murder’


indict, prosecute, put on trial, bring to trial

denounce, sue, take to court, bring an action against, lay charges against, file charges against, prefer charges against, summons, cite

accuse of, charge with

North American impeach

informal have the law on, do

archaic inculpate


clear, acquit

2‘the soldiers bitterly arraigned the government for failing to keep its word’


criticize, censure, attack, condemn, castigate, chastise, lambaste, pillory, find fault with, reprimand, rebuke, admonish, remonstrate with, take to task, haul over the coals, berate, reproach, reprove

informal knock, slam, hammer, lay into, roast, give someone a roasting, cane, blast, bawl out, dress down, rap over the knuckles, give someone hell

British informal carpet, slate, slag off, monster, rollick, give someone a rollicking, give someone a rocket, tear someone off a strip

North American informal chew out, ream out, pummel, cut up

NZ Australian informal bag

dated rate

archaic slash

rare excoriate, objurgate, reprehend