Synonyms of approach in English:


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1‘she approached the altar with her head bowed’


proceed towards, come towards, go towards, advance towards, go near, go nearer, come near, come nearer, draw near, draw nearer, come close, come closer, go close, go closer, draw close, draw closer, move near, move nearer, edge near, edge nearer, near

close in on, centre on, focus on, converge on

catch up on, gain on

creep up on, loom

reach, arrive at



2‘the trade deficit is now approaching £20 million’


border on, approximate, verge on, resemble

be comparable to, be similar to, compare with

touch, nudge, get on for

near, come near to, be close to, come close to

informal be not a million miles away from

3‘the publishing tycoon approached him about leaving his job’


speak to, talk to, make conversation with, engage in conversation

take aside, detain

greet, address, salute, hail, initiate a discussion with

broach the matter to, make advances to, make overtures to, make a proposal to, sound out, proposition, solicit, appeal to, apply to

informal buttonhole

4‘he had approached the whole business in the best way’


set about, tackle, begin, start, commence, embark on, make a start on, address oneself to, undertake, get down to, launch into, go about, get to grips with

informal get cracking on


1‘the traditional British approach to air pollution control’


attitude, slant, perspective, point of view, viewpoint, outlook, line of attack, line of action

method, procedure, process, technique, MO, style, strategy, stratagem, way, manner, mode, tactic, tack, path, system, means

modus operandi

2‘doctors are considering an approach to the High Court’


proposal, proposition, submission, motion, offer, application, appeal, plea

3approaches‘he found all his approaches repulsed’


advances, overtures, suggestions, attentions


4‘at the approach of any intruder, she would raise her wings and screech’


advance, coming near, coming nearer, coming, nearing, advent

arrival, entrance, appearance

5‘this department is our nearest approach to a Ministry of Justice’


approximation, likeness, semblance, correspondence, parallel

6‘two riders turned in at the approach to the castle’


driveway, drive, access road, road, avenue, street, passageway