Synonyms of adroitness in English:


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1‘there in an undeniable adroitness in his economic plan’


skill, skilfulness, prowess, expertise, expertness, adeptness, handiness, nimbleness, dexterity, dexterousness, deftness

ability, capability, competence, competency, mastery, virtuosity, proficiency, accomplishment, artistry, art, knack, bent, faculty, facility, aptitude, flair, finesse, talent, gift, giftedness

quick-wittedness, cleverness, intelligence, wisdom, brilliance, brightness, sharpness, cunning, artfulness, astuteness, diplomacy, discretion, shrewdness, resourcefulness, ingenuity, inventiveness, imagination, imaginativeness

savoir faire

informal niftiness, nippiness, know-how, savvy


clumsiness, incompetence