Synonyms of adjust in English:


See definition of adjust


1‘Kate had adjusted to her new life at boarding school’


adapt, become accustomed, get used, accommodate, acclimatize, attune, orient oneself, reconcile oneself, habituate oneself, assimilate, conform

come to terms with, familiarize oneself with, acquaint oneself with, blend in with, fit in with, find one's feet in

North American acclimate

2‘he adjusted the brakes after I found them inefficient’


modify, alter, regulate, tune, fine-tune, calibrate, balance

adapt, rearrange, change, rejig, rework, revamp, remodel, reshape, convert, transform, tailor, improve, enhance, customize

repair, fix, correct, rectify, make good, put in working order, overhaul, put right, set right, set to rights, standardize, normalize

informal jigger, tweak, twiddle, patch up, see to