List of phobias

We define a phobia as ‘an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something’. You are probably aware of the more common phobias, such as arachnophobia (fear of spiders), claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces), and agoraphobia (fear of open places), but did you know there are also words which describe the fear of idleness, worms, and even body odour? Explore the table below to discover the terms for some of the more interesting phobias you may come across.

Object Phobia
air travel aerophobia
American people and things Americophobia
animals zoophobia
bacteria bacteriophobia
beards pogonophobia
beating mastigophobia
bed clinophobia
bees apiphobia
birds ornithophobia
blood haemophobia
blushing erythrophobia
body odour bromidrosiphobia
bridges gephyrophobia
bullets ballistophobia
burial alive taphephobia
cancer carcinophobia
cats ailurophobia
childbirth tocophobia
children paedophobia
Chinese people and things Sinophobia
church ecclesiophobia
clouds nephophobia
coitus coitophobia
cold cheimaphobia
colour chromophobia
comets cometophobia
computers cyberphobia
constipation coprostasophobia
corpses necrophobia
correspondence epistolophobia
crowds demophobia/ochlophobia
dampness hygrophobia
darkness scotophobia
dawn eosophobia
death thanatophobia
depth bathophobia
dirt mysophobia
disease pathophobia/nosophobia
dogs cynophobia
dreams oneirophobia
drink potophobia
drugs pharmacophobia
dust koniophobia
electricity electrophobia
enclosed places claustrophobia
English people and things Anglophobia
everything panophobia/pantophobia
eyes ommetaphobia
faeces coprophobia
failure kakorrhaphiaphobia
fatigue kopophobia
fear phobophobia
feathers pteronophobia
fever febriphobia
fire pyrophobia
fish ichthyophobia
flesh selaphobia
floods antlophobia
flowers anthophobia
fog homichlophobia
food cibophobia/sitophobia
foreigners xenophobia
freedom eleutherophobia
French people and things Francophobia/Gallophobia
fur doraphobia
German people and things Germanophobia/Teutophobia
germs bacteriophobia
ghosts phasmophobia
glass nelophobia
God theophobia
gold chrysophobia/aurophobia
hair trichophobia
heart disease cardiophobia
heat thermophobia
heaven uranophobia
hell hadephobia/stygiophobia
heredity patroiophobia
high buildings batophobia
high places acrophobia/hypsophobia
home oikophobia
homosexuals homophobia
horses hippophobia
ice cryophobia
ideas ideophobia
idleness thassophobia
illness nosophobia
imperfection atelophobia
infinity apeirophobia
injury traumatophobia
inoculation trypanophobia/vaccinophobia
insanity lyssophobia/maniphobia
insects entomophobia
insect stings cnidophobia
Italian people and things Italophobia
itching acarophobia
jealousy zelotypophobia
justice dikephobia
lakes limnophobia
leprosy leprophobia
lice pediculophobia
light photophobia
lightning astrapophobia
lists pinaciphobia/katastichophobia
loneliness autophobia/ermitophobia
machinery mechanophobia
magic rhabdophobia
marriage gamophobia
men androphobia
metal metallophobia
mice musophobia
microbes bacillophobia/microbiophobia
mirrors eisoptrophobia
mites acarophobia
mobs ochlophobia
money chrematophobia
monsters, giving birth to teratophobia
motion kinetophobia
music musicophobia
names onomatophobia
narrowness anginophobia
needles belonephobia
new things neophobia
night nyctophobia
nudity gymnophobia
open places agoraphobia
pain algophobia
parasites parasitophobia
people anthropophobia
philosophy philosophobia
pins enetophobia
places topophobia
pleasure hedonophobia
poison toxiphobia
politics politicophobia
Pope papaphobia
poverty peniaphobia
precipices cremnophobia
priests hierophobia
punishment poinephobia
rabies hydrophobophobia
rail travel siderodromophobia
religious works of art iconophobia
reptiles batrachophobia
responsibility hypegiaphobia
ridicule katagelophobia
rivers potamophobia
robbers harpaxophobia
ruin atephobia
Russian people and things Russophobia
saints hagiophobia
Satan Satanophobia
scabies scabiophobia
Scottish people and things Scotophobia
sea thalassophobia
sex erotophobia
shadows sciophobia
sharpness acrophobia
shock hormephobia
sin hamartophobia
skin disease dermatosiophobia/dermatopathophobia
sleep hypnophobia
slime blennophobia
small things microphobia
smell olfactophobia/osmophobia
smothering pnigerophobia
snakes ophidiophobia
snow chionophobia
solitude eremophobia
sound acousticophobia
sourness acerophobia
speech lalophobia/laliophobia/glossophobia/phonophobia
speed tachophobia
spiders arachnophobia
standing stasophobia
stars siderophobia
stealing kleptophobia
string linonophobia
stuttering lalophobia/laliophobia
sun heliophobia
swallowing phagophobia
symmetry symmetrophobia
taste geumatophobia
technology technophobia
teeth odontophobia
telephone telephonophobia
thinking phronemophobia
thirteen triskaidekaphobia
thunder brontophobia/tonitrophobia/keraunophobia
time chronophobia
touch haptophobia
travel hodophobia
tuberculosis phthisiophobia
tyrants tyrannophobia
vehicles ochophobia
venereal disease syphilophobia
voids kenophobia
vomiting emetophobia
water hydrophobia
waves cyrnophobia
weakness asthenophobia
wind anemophobia
women gynophobia
words logophobia
work ergophobia
worms helminthophobia
writing graphophobia

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