Random questions

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Is a banana a fruit or a herb?

Surely the banana is a fruit, isn't it? The answer is not quite as clear cut as you might have thought.

Coconut thumbnail

Is a coconut a nut?

Since it's called coconut it must be a nut, right? The answer actually depends on who you'd ask this question.

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Is a daddy-long-legs a spider?

There are actually three different creatures which go by the name of daddy-long-legs. Are they all spiders? If not, how would they be classified?

Jellyfish thumbnail

Is a jellyfish a fish?

The key's in the name – or is it? Are jellyfish actually fish? This article explains why not.

Olives thumbnail

Is an olive a fruit?

Are olives fruits or vegetables? The answer depends on who you ask. Here we discuss the controversy, and explain what it means to offer someone an olive branch.

Nuts thumbnail

Is a nut a fruit?

Liven up the small talk next time you're passing round nuts at a party with an informed answer to that essential question - is a nut a fruit?

Penguin thumbnail

Is a penguin a bird?

Penguins can't fly and we typically associate birds with soaring through the air – which begs the question: are penguins really birds?

Rabbit thumbnail

Is a rabbit a rodent?

Does the rabbit belong to the same family as mice, guinea-pigs, and chipmunks? It's a little more complicated than that.

Thumb thumbnail

Is a thumb a finger?

Have you ever wondered whether a thumb was a finger or something else entirely? No? Well, we have got the answer anyway.

Tomato thumbnail

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

The confusion about whether the tomato is a fruit or a vegetable arises because of the differences in usage between scientists and cooks. We shed some light on the issue.