Definition of zonation in English:



mass noun
  • 1Distribution in zones or regions of definite character.

    ‘quartz grains can exhibit zonation and rounding’
    • ‘Although heavy mineral zonations are well developed in some alluvial strata, other alluvial systems may be more homogeneous.’
    • ‘Cathodoluminescence imaging revealed that all grains contain a discrete core whose internal zonation was truncated by a surrounding brightly luminescent rim.’
    • ‘Test walls appear to lack compositional zonation, consisting mostly of small quartz grains with some incorporated sponge spicules.’
    • ‘Internal textures typically show pronounced zonation of crystallite orientation and grain size.’
    • ‘To address the latter question, it has proven useful to compare closely related species, especially congeners that exhibit temperature-related patterns of zonation.’
    1. 1.1Ecology The distribution of plants or animals into specific zones according to such parameters as altitude or depth, each characterized by its dominant species.
      ‘this zonation involves encrusting lichens, sedentary animals, and seaweeds’
      • ‘The vegetation in the marsh shows clear zonation with different species dominating different zones.’
      • ‘Local microclimate strongly determines the local zonation of the two species.’
      • ‘Most studies conducted on plant zonation have been within perennial-dominated coastal marshes or non-saline marshes.’
      • ‘Marine ecologists have long regarded the stresses imposed by abiotic factors like temperature to play pivotal roles in establishing the upper limits to zonation in the intertidal zone.’
      • ‘Numerous regional schemes rationalizing the nomenclatural stratigraphy of the critical time have been developed, and a variety of biostratigraphic zonations evolved.’