Definition of zoantharian in English:


noun & adjective

  • See Zoantharia

    • ‘Chaetodon capistratus is a browser who feeds on anthozoans preferring hexacoral such as scleractinians, anemones, and zoantharians.’
    • ‘It feeds mainly on sponges, but also takes tunicates, algae, zoantharians, gorgonians, hydroids, bryozoans, and seagrasses.’
    • ‘Specimens of Aeolidiopsis ransoni are found living on colonial zoantharians of the genus Palythoa.’
    • ‘The oldest known fossil zoantharian corals are from the Lower Cambrian; they are common fossils in rocks of every subsequent geologic period because of their easily preserved skeletons.’
    • ‘Of particular interest in this volume is the review of Sympagurus hermit crabs, some of which live in symbiosis with sea-anemones or zoantharians than can produce pseudo-shells.’