Definition of zing in English:



mass nouninformal
  • Energy, enthusiasm, or liveliness.

    ‘he was expected to add some zing to the lacklustre team’
    • ‘And after the build-up the comedown: a shift in rates is taking some of the zing out of the mortgage market.’
    • ‘What was missing was pizzazz: that certain zing in her walk and attitude, to set her apart.’
    • ‘There's lots of hot Latino actors now, could give us a little zing at the box office.’
    • ‘None of this would matter if the battle scenes and the choreography had one zillionth of the zing of Kill Bill 1.’
    • ‘Plenty of other top coaches are ready and waiting to add some movie-star zing to your serve this winter, at resorts from the Algarve to Antigua.’
    • ‘Zidane could not even do the simple things and Carlos lost his zing.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, Cleveland spent the offseason trying to add some zing to its offense.’
    • ‘The new tape is an original release edit, putting all the old zing and zest into the movie.’
    • ‘‘Music is what we understand, music is what we care about and music is what adds zing to our life,’ the duo point out.’
    • ‘Still it was all good fun and I think we broke some new ground and put a bit of zing into radio current affairs coverage.’
    • ‘That famous voice is also fading: while he can still reach a volume way beyond that of mere mortals, there is little of the erstwhile bite and zing.’
    • ‘They fizzle when they should sizzle and have all the zing of carbonated water gone flat.’
    • ‘It is also a remarkably assured debut, and a reminder that the Bush Theatre's honourable legacy of spotting plays with real zing and commercial potential remains intact.’
    • ‘It was Sicily, with its mix of European and African influences, that musically put the zing back into Kerr.’
    • ‘Kattan has such energy and zing that it's too bad his performance was held for the very end of the film.’
    • ‘It's Elvis not just without the King but without any discernible zing.’
    • ‘The fact of the matter is that you can use relatively easy tools to freshen up the digitalized images and put the zing back in old, faded or yellowed film footage.’
    • ‘There were passages when Glasgow looked markedly the better side and played with much of the zing which was so often conspicuously absent last season.’
    • ‘The characters are flat 2D and well-animated as are the spell effects and whatnot, but time has passed unkindly, and the graphics lack any real zing.’
    • ‘In an encounter that had zing in spades, more than a few men found themselves falling early on as the fight to avoid failure tended towards the physical.’
    • ‘Guthrie is convinced her marriage to Irion adds zing to their singing.’
    enthusiasm, zest, zestfulness, appetite, relish, gusto, eagerness, keenness, avidity, zeal, fervour, ardour, passion, love, enjoyment, joy, delight, pleasure, excitement
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  • 1no object Move rapidly, making a high-pitched ringing or whining noise.

    ‘another bullet zinged past him’
    • ‘This year, 1.5 billion SMS notes will zing through American air - which sounds impressive until you hear that Europe averages 30 billion messages a month.’
    • ‘Arrows zinged through the air, archers seemingly uncaring whether the missiles hit friend or foe.’
    • ‘You could tell he had a million thoughts zinging through his mind.’
    • ‘If you've ever had a Tarzan fantasy, the Monteverde Cloud Forest is just the place to try zinging through the treetops.’
    • ‘I yelled as I dove forward, knocking her over as another bullet zinged past us.’
    • ‘The Texan's voice upped a pace and softened slightly, as the guitars zinged with country spice.’
    • ‘A bullet zinged past my leg through the water, followed by another.’
    • ‘The first punch zings past my head leaving only the faint hiss of air swishing through my left ear.’
    • ‘I'm not entirely sure that if I was in a frightening situation, that I would like Spiderman to come zinging to my rescue.’
    • ‘But a combination of solid defending and shots which zing just high or wide, meant that by the time United had found their way back into the game, they were only one goal behind.’
    • ‘McGrath sent another bouncer zinging past his ear.’
    • ‘The air was zinging with the electrical charge, and it actually smelled scorched.’
    • ‘He is infamous for his off-the-field antics which include zinging across the city on a high-powered motorcycle and getting into fisticuffs.’
    • ‘Instantly a bullet zings past a few feet away, almost guaranteeing his ticket to martyrdom.’
    • ‘Mortar shells pummelled the starved earth and bullets zinged through the sky.’
    • ‘Anyway, it doesn't alter their vision of the future - one where movies, games and videos zing back and forth through the communications networks of the worlds.’
    • ‘At the final whistle the ball zinged out the ground, carrying with it only a modicum of the frustration which prompted Ferguson to smack it skywards in the first place.’
    • ‘There must be bad karma zinging around the world like a pinball hitting bumpers.’
    • ‘And now it's time to look out for the metallic black spider wasps that come zinging into your room, and head for any screw slots they can find.’
    • ‘Just as he did so, a black blur zinged through the air where his head had been a split second before.’
  • 2North American with object Attack or criticize sharply.

    ‘he zinged the budget deal in interviews with journalists’
    • ‘Jackson once hinted he favored major changes, moaning about his small power forwards and zinging Rice publicly.’
    • ‘It always surprised me when Jem would laugh hysterically if Ben zinged me with the ultimate joke of which I was the victim.’
    • ‘I wouldn't be picking on the French if they didn't take such delight in zinging the United States.’
    • ‘It took the opportunity to zing the company at least twice.’
    • ‘If it hadn't been for Jackson zinging Rider, which Jackson did regardless of whether he was asked, Rider would have been invisible all preseason.’
    • ‘Every one of those guys managed to zing me with both originality and considerable aplomb.’
    • ‘Even as the two Normans zing each other about their positions on existentialism and foreign policy, they contend on a baser, dirtier plane.’
    • ‘He started trying to make fun of me, but since he was drunk and I was pretty sober, it was easy to playfully zing him right back and shut him up.’
    • ‘They argue constantly, zinging each other with ultra-bitchy one-liners.’
    • ‘And even when the President did something that went relatively well, he still got zinged in the late night comedy shows.’
    • ‘They zinged us pretty good with a genuinely creative and surprising plan involving planes and important symbols of capitalism, but what are they going to do now?’
    • ‘Some of this will involve zinging the president for misstatements he made or knocking him for other similar missteps.’
    • ‘Bozell zings him for ignoring the content-analysis work he and other conservatives have done.’
    • ‘It's there in part because I remember how friends and associates would try to console me after I'd been zinged.’
    • ‘With California's power woes and rising pump prices, the Democrats believe they've finally snagged an issue that zings the Republicans.’


Early 20th century: imitative.