Definition of zine in English:



  • A magazine, especially a fanzine.

    • ‘That includes tables where people can display zines, chapbooks or art books.’
    • ‘She has begun to receive recognition in the US and the UK thanks to independent feminist and GLBT magazines and zines.’
    • ‘Print zines are often photocopied on paper and side- or saddle-stapled.’
    • ‘Maybe it's me seeing his work and longing for publications, zines, comics, and ephemera I grew up with.’
    • ‘Full-colour photos of her early zines show crude drawings superimposed on yellow roses or pages torn from stock reports.’
    • ‘She dabbled in the visual arts, published an idiosyncratic zine called What Are You Dealing With?’
    • ‘From a scene nurtured by punk rock and zines, it's literate yet accessible, questioning everything but never cynical.’
    • ‘The already-flourishing youth zine movement took a new turn in the 1990's when zines went online.’
    • ‘Actually, I did many zines, but one of them was a review zine called Strands.’
    • ‘Anyway, I just photocopied 52 programme zines for the spoken word thing I'm organising.’
    • ‘Records by Portland indie and punk bands are for sale, along side rows of homemade, cut and paste-style zines.’
    • ‘And I don't really have a favourite website, I prefer books, print magazines and zines.’
    • ‘This is the only print zine I know of around today, which is a stark difference to the dozens of underground zines that were around back in the day.’
    • ‘If I wasn't learning about it from friends or college radio, it was via the vast maw of underground 80s zines.’
    • ‘Riot Grrrl revolutionized this idea, making the bedroom a place to produce zines, hold all-girl meetings, or play guitar.’
    • ‘I publish my own zine attacking the media monopoly, and I also write for the National Post.’
    • ‘Scum Magazine was started in 1995 as a small underground print zine.’
    • ‘It can include cards and posters, even t-shirts, as well as books, zines, and other print media.’
    • ‘In fact, readership lack alone has caused many individuals to stop publishing zines.’
    • ‘As a result, the Horvat Collection houses a vast archive of zines - such as NAPA, the long-running zine of the National Fantasy Fan Federation.’
    • ‘While mainstream magazines would morph into anything to appeal to their demographic, zines seemed authentic.’
    • ‘Thousands of kids who had been exchanging print zines jumped at the chance to spread their messages over the Internet.’
    • ‘In 1969 Don started Britain's first Diplomacy zine, Albion; the hobby had crossed the ditch.’
    • ‘Broken Pencil Magazine presents Canada's largest zine fair and festival of alternative culture.’
    • ‘Scum was a print zine until issue 14 but at the same time was also on the internet.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, despite our lofty plans and the decent quality of the zines, we only put out two issues.’
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