Definition of zephyr in English:



  • 1literary A soft gentle breeze.

    • ‘Anything less than a wind of 30 miles per hour is considered but a gentle zephyr.’
    • ‘Their magenta leaves swayed from the gentle zephyr that crossed their path.’
    • ‘All kinds of weather conditions marked the week, from strong storm fronts, to gentle zephyrs and horrendous wind-shifts, turning 180 degrees.’
    • ‘Crickets were chirruping, a soft zephyr was softly blowing the tree branches, and everything was quiet.’
    • ‘Leaves swirled around his feet, dancing in the gentle zephyr.’
    gentle wind, breath of wind, puff of air, current of air, flurry of air, gust
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  • 2historical mass noun A fine cotton gingham.

    1. 2.1count noun A very light article of clothing.


Late Old English zefferus, denoting a personification of the west wind, via Latin from Greek zephuros ‘(god of the) west wind’. Sense 1 dates from the late 17th century.