Definition of yuzu in English:



  • 1A round, yellowish citrus fruit with fragrant, acidic juice, used chiefly as a flavouring.

    ‘a version of eggs Benedict made with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce flavoured with yuzu’
    • ‘Other flavors to think about are litchi (a tree fruit from China), yuzu (a rather expensive Japanese lemon), ginger and rosemary.’
    • ‘In Japan the leaves and roots are used for pickles, but the root is also boiled and eaten with yuzu flavoured miso.’
    • ‘Caesar salad, seemingly a throwaway on this menu, is dressed with a refreshing splash of yuzu.’
    • ‘I first microwaved a diced apple with a dash of yuzu juice, and put them in the batter together with grated zest and juice of one and a half yuzus.’
    • ‘The sight of ripe, golden yuzu suggests to the Japanese mind the approach of winter.’
    • ‘Yuzu is really seedy, and has very little juice to squeeze out.’
    • ‘Although the ways in which the yuzu are used in Japan often correspond to the use of the lemon elsewhere, its fragrance is quite different, unlike any citrus familiar in western countries.’
    • ‘Alternative citruses have been getting more and more attention these past few years, with yuzus, combavas, kumquats and cedrats coming out of the shadows, infusing dishes with unusual flavors.’
    • ‘It's already April and the yuzu season is basically over.’
    • ‘Yuzu wasn't very prominent overall, although there was definitely a hint of tangy citrus in the rich ganache.’
    • ‘This is a hot bath in which several whole fruit of yuzu, usually wrapped in cheesecloth, are floated.’
    • ‘Although the yuzu is too acid to be eaten raw, it is used widely in Japanese cookery.’
  • 2The citrus tree that bears the yuzu, originating in China and widely cultivated in Japan and Korea.

    Citrus × junos, family Rutaceae

    • ‘I went out looking for a yuzu tree for a conveniently empty space in my garden.’
    • ‘His six yuzu trees yield 200 pounds of the coveted citrus per year.’
    • ‘He turned and cut three scions from his own classic yuzu tree and gave them to me.’
    • ‘In summer a single blossom of yuzu – small, white, and fragrant – is sometimes floated in a bowl of clear soup.’
    • ‘Apart from the yuzu, the tree is more tolerant of cold than any other tree citrus.’
    • ‘The only actual purpose for our walk was to visit the yuzu tree of one of our upmountain neighbors.’