Definition of yon in English:


determiner & adverb

literary, dialect
  • Yonder; that.

    as determiner ‘there's some big ranches yon side of the Sierra’
    • ‘Maybe he'll write a sequel to yon film.’
    • ‘What is the purpose of yon barrel?’
    • ‘Seems yon vicar changed the water authority into a distillery overnight, producing the best-ever vintage to flow out of Chateau Accrington.’
    • ‘Give us a lick of yon jam.’
    • ‘It's with optimistic bravado that I approach yon quivering mountain.’


literary, dialect
  • Yonder person or thing.

    ‘what do you make of yon?’


  • hither and yon

    • literary, dialect In various directions, especially in a disorganized way.

      ‘a fine spray of paint flies hither and yon from the bristles of my brush’


Old English geon, of Germanic origin; related to German jener ‘that one’.