Definition of yodel in English:


verbyodelled, yodelling, yodeling, yodeled, yodels

[no object]
  • Practise a form of singing or calling marked by rapid alternation between the normal voice and falsetto.

    ‘they had learned how to drop into the lake, yodelling like Tarzan’
    ‘Swiss floor shows with alpine horn-blowing and yodelling’
    ‘a yodelling song’
    • ‘For her encore, after performing about six songs, she yodeled for a minute and left.’
    • ‘Remembering the advice of a friend whose cabin had been situated in a cow field, I attempted his never-fail cow-luring technique: I yodeled.’
    • ‘There's even a hidden track of some girl yodelling.’
    • ‘No Eurovision would be complete without yodelling.’
    • ‘Shoot a full frame of the Swiss Alps, or zoom in on your friend yodeling.’
    • ‘He yodelled manfully.’
    be sick, spew, spew up, fetch up
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nounPlural yodels

  • A song, melody, or call delivered by yodelling.

    ‘he heard a yodel from below’
    • ‘It's a good combination, he says - not many bands can scream their guts out and then yodel.’
    • ‘I can't hear her curdling yodel.’
    • ‘With his fingerpicking and his yodel, Sexton takes us to his roots, to the buried sound of another place.’
    • ‘And when the moment is right, he unleashes his mad falsetto rebel yell, or West Texas yodel.’


Early 19th century: from German jodeln.