Definition of yike in English:



  • 1A quarrel.

    ‘I watched the yike on telly between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition’
    • ‘I understand that there was a yike between the two Government parties at party meetings about the loans.’
    • ‘"Bit of a yike on earlier, eh? He just says anything that comes into his head."’
    • ‘There was a yike about providing loans to farmers at this percentage.’
    • ‘"Seems like you got a yike on your hands," Tom said.’
    • ‘He said, "Sorry your party ended up in a yike, Mum. Never mind. The tucker was marvellous."’
    • ‘There are moral overtones to all of this, and we say no, don't use your industrial muscle, don't use your patients as bargaining chips in your yike with the government.’
    argument, row, fight, disagreement, difference of opinion, dissension, falling-out
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  • 2A statement of dissatisfaction; a complaint.

    ‘his constant yike is that no one takes him seriously’
    • ‘I was just having a yike about a woman passenger with the ship's skipper.’
    • ‘Of course there is a yike: the university is saying, “In 2005 we will miss out. We will be $7 million worse off."’
    protest, protestation, objection, remonstrance, statement of dissatisfaction, grievance, charge, accusation, criticism
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1920s: origin unknown.