Definition of yellow line in English:

yellow line


  • (in the UK) a line painted along the side of the road in yellow to denote parking restrictions.

    • ‘Craven District Council complained about the thickness of yellow lines painted on the roads in Dales villages to mark parking restrictions.’
    • ‘A letter was read out from a parishioner in Meon Road, who suggested that yellow lines should be used along parts of the High Street due to traffic congestion.’
    • ‘On June 13, I parked on a yellow line in Longlands Road, Sidcup, to visit a car accessory shop for a tail-light bulb I noticed had blown.’
    • ‘Instead yellow lines were painted from the access road all the way along the trading estate in front of the business units and around the cul-de-sac at the end of the road.’
    • ‘Upon further investigation I found that the local council had painted two yellow lines at the side of the road.’
    • ‘A petition signed by more than 70 pensioners suggested painting yellow lines down one side of Strawberry Street.’
    • ‘The firm must stop vehicles waiting at the junction of Hill Top Lane and Chorley Old Road by putting yellow lines down.’
    • ‘I displayed my badges and still got a penalty notice. Both streets had a time restriction but my badges allowed me to park on single yellow lines.’
    • ‘The council decided this caused obstruction to traffic and painted yellow lines down both sides.’
    • ‘But, lead paint is still used for painting the yellow lines along the kerbside (lead chromate).’
    • ‘The warden had been writing a ticket for the shop's delivery van, parked on single yellow lines outside the store on Liverpool Road, Eccles.’
    • ‘What you can also see is a taxi in the middle, stopped across the oncoming lane of traffic, and a security van parked on single yellow lines just after the bus lane.’
    • ‘I suspect this is in response to the chaotic arrangements that have occurred recently where people have brazenly parked on the yellow lines at the foot of Wells Road.’
    • ‘He said he was unaware that the yellow lines on the road itself also prohibited him from parking in front of his drive.’
    • ‘In those towns, the yellow lines on the roads are painted narrower - to be less garish in the towns' historical settings.’
    • ‘A single yellow line has been painted along a stretch of Heslington Road alongside St Lawrence's Primary School, prohibiting parking between 8am and 5pm.’
    • ‘There are also a number of vehicles parking along Cannock Street during the day, when a single yellow line and daytime restriction is enforceable.’
    • ‘Double yellow lines were painted in front of their cul-de-sac home in 1983 to allow emergency crews easier access.’
    • ‘Double yellow lines have been painted along part of the dual carriageway stretch over Castle Mills Bridge, but then suddenly come to a halt just on the brow of the bridge.’
    • ‘Recently, a solid yellow line was painted behind the zig-zags which, so far, has had a slight deterrent effect, though certainly not last Saturday when there was a football match and there were parked vehicles the length of the new line.’


yellow line