Definition of yatter in English:



[no object]informal
  • Talk incessantly; chatter.

    ‘dear old Betty was yattering at me on Sunday’
    • ‘In the meantime, let's stop yattering with utterly useless political pontification and attempt to affect one thing - a debate.’
    • ‘But it's just one step too far in terms of yattering about work (you see, I natter about the trivial and the personalities, but never about the substance, and almost never about the policies).’
    • ‘Since I had only spoken to him once all night, I knew exactly what he was yattering on about and so I reacted.’
    • ‘They'd gone back to their room, to yatter about sex under the covers in dim light and comfort.’
    • ‘Dolly yattered at them fiercely, in a non-discriminatory way.’
    • ‘Probably I just realized I'd been yattering for a while, and stopped.’
    chat, talk idly, chatter, prattle, prate, go on, run on, rattle away, rattle on, gossip, tittle-tattle, tattle, ramble, gabble, jabber, babble, blather, blether, blither, twitter, maunder, drivel, patter, yap, jibber-jabber, cackle
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mass nouninformal
  • Incessant talk.

    ‘there is no place like home for random yatter’
    prattle, chatter, twitter, babble, talk, prating, gabble, jabber, blether, rambling
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Early 19th century: imitative, perhaps suggested by yammer and chatter.