Definition of yardman in English:



  • 1A person working in a railway or timber yard.

    • ‘Burnley magistrates heard that yardman Hywel Rees Roberts, 45, of Prestwich Street, Burnley, had been more than three times the limit and lost his licence for 30 months in February 2002.’
    • ‘Sources at the town hall also confirmed the yardman, responsible for operating the weighbridge, was sacked after another disciplinary hearing.’
    • ‘Remote control eliminated the engineer on yard jobs with two yardmen (one, a foreman) using the ‘Pitch and Catch’ system made by Canac.’
    • ‘The ‘77 ‘then became a ‘switch list’, for the use of yardmen to break up the train.’
    • ‘Older hump yards utilized large numbers of ‘riders’, yardmen who rode cars to apply hand brakes as they went down the hump.’
    • ‘I have gone out and got a new job, working as a sales and yardman at a building yard, but I am dyslexic and have had to admit my disability to them.’
  • 2US A person who does various outdoor jobs.

    • ‘Mr. Freon did arrive and pumped in a pound or so but the real problem is that the yardmen have blown about 25 pounds of clippings into the base of the unit.’
    • ‘I told her several days ago I thought the yardmen damaged the backyard rain sensor when they trimmed the shrubs but God forbid we should listen to Rana.’
    • ‘In any event, we definitely would not recommend that you have your yardman remove the paint.’
    • ‘Helena ran down the hall yelling in Spanish at the yardmen.’
    • ‘Our yardmen have done such a good job of piling clippings against the foundations that the Empress has termites.’
    • ‘For several months I've watched the yardmen apply poisons of escalating strength to the rising dirt mountain.’
    • ‘As it turns out our most pestilent weed is the woman living at the far end of the property who insists the yardmen have yet to do the trimming she's wanted for months.’
    • ‘I insisted the Empress come out in the rain and see this because she stoutly defends the yardmen who are the laziest bunch of louts I've encountered in a long time.’
    • ‘As I went about my morning chores, all the things I do before R. wakes up, I noticed that the yardmen, who still don't have a formal contract with us, seemed to be going above and beyond the call.’