Definition of yappy in English:



  • 1(of a dog) inclined to bark in a sharp, shrill way.

    ‘a yappy little peke’
    • ‘There's Something About Mary was rather unkind to women who tan to crocodile-skinned excess, and featured an electrocution scene involving a yappy dog and a drug overdose.’
    • ‘I need your help to make my neighbor's yappy dog disappear’
    • ‘Also, they have a gender-confused yappy dog named Paddy (or Patty.)’
    • ‘These weren't dogs of the yappy, fluffy variety either; these were the kind of mutts who are all teeth and muscle.’
    • ‘The shortest, the Jacksons, had been there for merely six months - they had a horribly yappy dog.’
    • ‘‘I know what I need to do,’ she announced to the small, yappy, fluffy dog at her feet.’
    • ‘He's done a whole lot of paintings of pooches - yappy dogs, poodles, some mutts and a few bulldogs.’
    • ‘You could think of it in those terms, or you could just enjoy it as a rant about those obnoxious little yappy dogs.’
    • ‘Put on a fedora, start smoking White Owls, walk with a hunch and get a yappy dog.’
    • ‘But do citizens of England's finest city really want to be associated with a teeth-snapping chocolate bar or a yappy dog?’
    • ‘Mostly there's sweat and crankiness and small yappy dogs getting under my feet.’
    • ‘Or having to push past leather-faced French women and their yappy dogs on the Croisette at 7am.’
    • ‘There is also a charming and hilarious cameo appearance from Kathy Bates, as Sarah's Aunt Mitzi, a classic ageing deminondaine in a silk Pucci kaftan, who drinks Bloody Marys and lavishes affection on her small yappy dog.’
    • ‘A beagle isn't a yappy dog, but it will bark and/or growl when strangers of any species come into its territory.’
    • ‘She looks for all the world like a cross between a demented leprechaun and that unholy irritating little yappy dog from Frazier.’
    • ‘Bogarde owned a couple of yappy dogs but never, as far as I know, a marmoset.’
    • ‘Fur is in, as are eyebrows plucked razor-thin and yappy little dogs which you can carry around in your shoulder bag.’
    • ‘Through the tiny window I watched the pensioners shuffling by with their yappy dogs, the parking inspectors on the prowl.’
    • ‘‘Those small yappy dogs antagonize my big dog and make him/her react,’ they say.’
    • ‘Lots of men in tweeds and their small yappy type dogs engaged in some kind of competition.’
    1. 1.1 Inclined to talk foolishly or at length.
      ‘his yappy, enthusiastic sidekick’
      • ‘The actors are doing their best but Ted Tally's yappy, affected script and Ratner's apparent dearth of vision don't leave room for characterization, just performances of one or two notes each.’
      • ‘He left office tagged as ‘Dennis the Menace’ and labeled by one Cleveland Press columnist as a ‘brutal, vain, yappy, little demagogue.’’
      • ‘The yappy American director and cool producer bookend the grizzled old man, overweight heavy and three young starlets - all of whom look for the world like the cast of a dodgy old Disney flick.’
      • ‘The yappy Yank who did not shut up for the entirety of the boat trip round the Dunvegan seal colony, asking stupid question after stupid question and then giving a running commentary on her emotional reaction to what she saw.’
      • ‘But it's Eddie Murphy's character… er, voice, who steals the movie as the yappy Donkey.’
      • ‘But he obviously wasn't talking for his yappy and snappy companions perched on the front seat.’
      • ‘She never seems to notice if she's interrupting and is always gratingly yappy.’
      • ‘It's too bad the crowd was so yappy, they missed a subtly twisted, enigmatic show.’
      • ‘Well I'm willing to do that in essays, as mine tend to be anecdotal and yappy, they're not the most difficult things in the world to read.’
      • ‘All was yappy before, during and after a fight, but we always knew he was playing the fool, was a pup so full of life that he had to yip and yap, prance and dance.’