Definition of yachtsman in English:



  • A person who sails yachts.

    • ‘The yachtsman had been sailing alone around Britain and Ireland in his yacht when the accident occurred.’
    • ‘One of the more memorable being the rescue of Englishman Tony Bullimore and other yachtsmen after their vessels became disabled in January 1997.’
    • ‘Fishermen, sailors and yachtsmen have been taking advantage of the recent good weather to prepare their boats for the coming season.’
    • ‘The waters of Carrick Roads are also used by fishermen, yachtsmen, windsurfers, canoeists and divers.’
    • ‘Burrows, a keen yachtsman, won't be sailing off into the sunset however.’
    • ‘Mander was one of a few yachtsmen who realised that yachting could not become a New Zealand Olympic sport unless a national organisation was formed.’
    • ‘The Royal Navy found their early crews among the yachtsmen, racing enthusiasts, and fishermen who populated Britain's coastal towns and villages.’
    • ‘The yachtsmen, who were sailing from Gove to Darwin expressed appreciation of the efforts by PALUMA and her ship's company.’
    • ‘On 11 August 1979, 303 yachts, crewed by some 3,000 yachtsmen, left Cowes in the Isle of Wight to begin the 600 mile Fastnet Race.’
    • ‘He is a former vice president of The Cruising Association, the principal organisation for cruising yachtsmen.’
    • ‘Most yachtsmen interviewed by Port Call News did not object to paying a ‘reasonable ‘mooring fee.’’
    • ‘At the Grenada Yacht Club on the eastern side of town, yachtsmen were gathered for a morning of dinghy sailing.’
    • ‘The Renegade under skipper Brendan Ryan went to the assistance of the lone yachtsman and took the yacht in tow and the sailor on board.’
    • ‘In fact, we all gathered to watch the sun setting over the peaks - called the Hazards - then admired the stars, joined by a Tasmanian yachtsman who'd weighed anchor in the bay for the night.’
    • ‘He was also the first yachtsman to sail a multi-hulled sailing boat around the world non-stop.’
    • ‘Two members of a Royal Navy search and rescue team have been nominated for an award following a mission which saved the life of an injured yachtsman - the third time the pair have been singled out for their efforts.’
    • ‘Like other breakwater opponents, Mr West says the extension of the beach will rob users of a protected area, particularly young yachtsmen learning how to sail, and cost the community a valuable resource.’
    • ‘Rogge, who competed as a yachtsman in three Olympics, came to power because he was known throughout the world as the clean face of the games.’
    • ‘Usps was formed, in 1914, largely in response to the perceived need to inculcate skills in a new breed of yachtsmen - powerboat owners - who were just entering the sport.’
    • ‘More than 120 yachtsmen will be steering a course towards the South Pole as they sail the 50 ft vessel Ice Maiden 10,000 miles from Britain to the tiny island of South Georgia.’
    seaman, seafarer, seafaring man, mariner
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