Definition of Xmas in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkrɪsməs//ˈɛksməs/


  • informal term for Christmas
    • ‘I'd love to send you a Xmas card to say hi and seasons greetings blah blah, that kinda thing.’
    • ‘A coach took us to Lamberhurst to have our Xmas dinner at The Brown Trout, a very enjoyable outing and a really good meal.’
    • ‘I've dreaded this morning, it was the day I had to go and get the Xmas shopping, not the presents but the food and drink.’
    • ‘I get paid a bit more for 10 weeks, which will be handy given the post Xmas debt I seem to have accumulated.’
    • ‘It's not just a question of the core message of Christianity being lost in the Xmas diversions.’
    • ‘One Xmas, we packed the boys up and headed north with 4 other families to stay for a week in a motel on the coast.’
    • ‘There was a happy Xmas photo of Chris and his wife in chilly Edinburgh attached which I reproduce here.’
    • ‘It all began with an innocent Xmas dinner, which turned into a rather debauched affair.’
    • ‘Welcome back and hopefully your Xmas and New Year holidays were packed with adventure.’
    • ‘If we're still here when it does we'll decorate it and it'll be our Xmas tree.’
    • ‘Yesterday evening I sang carols for a company Xmas drinks event at the Abbotsford Convent.’
    • ‘It wasn't until the Xmas when I was ten that they finally gave it up and admitted I was right.’
    • ‘One of my Xmas presents was a waterproof radio that you can listen to in the shower.’
    • ‘Last week my good buddy Gord, from Edmonton, sent me a Xmas card and then yesterday he called me.’
    • ‘I have a new digital camera on my Xmas list as my current one is knackered.’
    • ‘This is an ideal Xmas present for those early shoppers and is guaranteed to be a good night's read.’
    • ‘I went to the Xmas / engagement party of my old flat mate Nicola Walker last night.’
    • ‘Here, I'd like to put on record that the abbreviation Xmas for Christmas is deplorable.’
    • ‘It was one of those presents that have impact far beyond the usual Xmas present run.’
    • ‘Being Xmas it was turkey, salad, stuffing, crusty bread, and didn't it go down well!’
    • ‘However, I do hear you, and I promise to remove your name from my personal Xmas card list at the end of the year.’
    • ‘We will be putting the Xmas tree up today, and probably hanging the cards up as well.’
    christmas, christmastime, christmastide, festive season
    burra din
    chrimbo, crimbo, chrissie, chrissy
    yuletide, yule, noel
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X representing the initial chi of Greek Khristos Christ.